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What Is a Good Credit Score?

A good credit score is a vital part of the home financing process. We'll answer What is a good credit score?, Why do I need it?, and How can it affect my mortgage options? What Is ...

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Credit Score
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We at MCity Mortgage feel that the more you know about your homeowner's credit information, the better prepared you are to make an informed decision on home financing. We offer a quick and easy tool for you to obtain your credit information and decide how to purchase your next home.

In a few minutes you can use our credit analyzer to check your credit; homeowners know good credit equals good loans. The charge for your credit information will be applied toward your mortgage application when you apply through MCity Mortgage, Inc. (Individual: $18.00; Joint: $29.00).


What the
Scores Mean

A bank will be very interested in your credit score because it tells the lender how trustworthy you are with paying debts. The scores come primarily from creditor information based on any financing you've done, which includes credit cards, previous loans, and product financing. At MCity Mortgage, we'd love to help you

Ensure you have sufficient credit before applying for a mortgage. You are entitled to a yearly credit report for free at AnnualCreditReport.com (official website backed by US Government)



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